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My daily ritual

A cup of hot coffee awakens all the senses, something that every true coffee lover can bear witness to.

Our world of coffee

Everyone is sure to find their ideal coffee in our wide product line, as we too are true coffee lovers.

Jubilarna decaffeinated

For decaffeinated coffee lovers.


The one and only. Croatia's favourite coffee for generations.


Franck Crema

Real 100% Turkish coffee that can be prepared quickly, or in the classic way, in a dzezva, the Turkish coffee pot.



Ideal for preparing the perfect espresso at home.



A mild coffee to enjoy all day long.


Costa Rica

Single origin coffee from the plantations of Costa Rica. For those who love an aromatic coffee with caramel and chocolate notes.



Single origin coffee from the plantations of Guatemala. For those who love an aromatic coffee with the tastes of dark chocolate and spice.

Franck Café soluble coffee

Pure instant kava with a recognisable flavour.

Instant Cappuccino

So many different cappuccino flavours for an ideal moment of rest.

Instant mixes

Constantly on the move, or do you need a cool treat?

Instant decaffeinated beverages

For the youngest ones.

Superiore espresso

Premium espresso with an intensive aroma. Created for the most demanding palates.

Espresso 125 Years Edition

A special edition espresso that tells the tale of exotic lands where the finest coffee varieties are grown.

Stretto Espresso

Ideal for those who love espresso with a pronounced and rich flavour.

Espresso Classic

Medium strength espresso for those who love a classic cup.

Bonus Espresso

For those who prefer an espresso with an intensive aroma.

Classic decaffeinated

Enjoy a perfect espresso, without worrying about the caffeine.

Victoria Exclusive

For those who love traditional ground coffee.

Learn more about our other products

A true coffee lover loves to discover new flavours. Why not try something new from our product line?