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Aware of the role and responsibility that comes with having the status of one of Croatia’s leading food companies, we run our business on the principles of sustainability and responsibility.
Sustainability Report for 2020 and 2021 - Sustainability in a cup
Sustainability Report for 2019

Contribution to the community

Our goal is to ensure much more than just the long-term stability of our business. We want to make a contribution to the benefit of society as a whole.



Franck employees are one big team, working together every day, developing professionally together with the company and presenting Franck before the entire community we operate in.

Franck employees

Marin Perak, Dražen Ćuk



Franck supports community development through numerous sponsorships and donations to sports, cultural, educational, charity and other socially responsible projects.



One of the most important segments of our corporate social responsibility is ensuring the quality of the raw ingredients we use and the sustainability of the entire supply chain and production.



Environmental protection is an important segment in Franck operations, and we are continually working to ensure the most efficient approach to all the elements within this branch of protection.



We focus significant attention on developing relations with customers and monitoring changes in their demands and expectations, and in ensuring the conditions so that our products are always compliant with the highest global standards in the food industry.

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