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The Franck story began way back in 1892, when the factory was opened on Vodovodna Street, where the company is still seated today.

Franck was registered as Heinrich Franck Sohne G.m.b.H. That same year the chicory production started.

A branch was opened in Linz, Austria.

Branches were opened in Italy, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

A branch was opened in Romania.

A branch was opened in Zagreb’s Vodovodna Street, where the company’s headquarters are at present. A chicory processing factory was put in operation in Zagreb.

A branch was opened in the USA.

The first chicory curing house was opened in Bjelovar.

A branch was opened in Hungary.

A branch was opened in Poland and the production of pearl rye began in Croatia.

The Zagreb-based factory started producing the Kneipp substitute.

Franck substitute was introduced in the Croatian market.

Franck switched to workers’ management.

Soup production began with the arrival of new experts in Franck.

Production of different household products began.

Coffee production was launched.

Pudding production started, and Seka coffee substitute and Bianka instant coffee were launched.

Production of instant products and food supplements started.

Franck started the production of powders and sugars.

The production of essences was launched.

The first ever production of teas in filter bags began.

Soup production ended.

Production of peanuts and other snacks began.

Jubilarna, Minas and Prima coffees were introduced

Kroki Kroket was introduced. Franck launched it's first espresso coffee, which was in 2002 rebranded as Franck Classic Espresso.

The production of Croatia’s first fried potato chips, better known as Čipi Čips, began at the potato processing factory in Hercegovac.

Ideal coffee 100 g, the first vacuum-packed coffee, was introduced -. The vacuum package enabled keeping the ground coffee flavor fresh.

For the first time in Croatia the production of fruit-flavored teas began: blueberry, apricot and tropic teas.

Gold coffee 100 vacuum-packed was launched on the occasion of Franck's 100th anniversary. An espresso coffee in beans, vacuum-packed, with a valve that preserved product, was introduced.

Jubilarna vacuum-packed coffee and a new snack brand called Tip Top were introduced in the market.

A limited edition of a special line of millennium coffee, Jubilarna kava 2000, was introduced. At the end of the year a company was founded in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Extra espresso coffee system –coffee machines and extra espresso coffee were introduced. Moreover, a new tea flavor, forest fruit, was launched as well as Superiore espresso.

Four new flavors of instant cappuccino were introduced. Decaffeinated Extra espresso and instant coffee for catering businesses in 2 g packets were launched.

Cranberry-flavored tea and Čipi Čips chilli for sports fans were introduced.

Superiore brand packaging was redesigned. The new design of the tea product line was followed by new, real tea flavors.

Cappuccino and coffee mixes were rebranded under the Franck Café brand. The Victoria factory and brand were purchased and coffee production facilities in Grude, Bosnia-Herzegovina, were opened.

Gloria factory and brand were acquired. Yellow tea and instant ice coffee Franck café Ice coffee were launched.

Guatemala, the premium single-origin ground coffee, was introduced alongside the redesign and launch of the new Tip Top flavors. Canned Superiore esspresso packaging was launched.

Premium espresso Stretto, super premium ground coffee Costa Rica and the new Tragom prirode tea product line were launched. The new Franck Cappuccino flavors were launched in the market.

The new Čipi Čips product line was put in operation, alongside the launch of the Čipi Čips Country with Classic and Bacon flavors.

Franck becomes a member of the society International Coffee Partners, bringing together the leading European coffee manufacturers and traders to ensure the sustainability of the global coffee market, and also supporting the initiative Coffee&Climate.

Franck Bananaccino launched – a foamy coffee-free beverage.

Complete reconstruction of the tea production plant at the Zagreb location, making it one of the most modern in this part of Europe, and ensuring additional automatization in the coffee plant, to significantly increase production efficiency and flexibility.

Franck Crema presented, as a real Turkish coffee that can be prepared by adding to hot water or cooking in the dzezva, the Turkish coffee pot.

The premium line of teas, Superiore Tea, presented, consisting of 11 flavours of herbal, fruit, green and black teas, and the line of fruit teas called Voćni+moćni (meaning fruity and mighty).

The cafe Johann Franck was opened, with a new concept and programme, intended to revitalise the role and status once held by the Gradska Kavana, as the centre of the city's social life and a popular meeting place.

Launch of Bianka, a line of instant cereal beverages in three flavours. In celebration of the 125th anniversary of Franck, the new espresso was launched – Franck 125 YEARS EDITION. Presentation of the premium machine with the capsule system for Franck Capsules.

Redesign of the complete line of true, herbal and fruit teas.

Franck becomes a full member of the association Tea and Herbal Infusions Europe (THIE). The bulk tea line launched, entitled “Nature's Selection” with five different flavours.

On the occasion of Ciglica 25th birthday, Franck has launched two new products - Jubilarna Intense and Jubilarna Sensual. Jubilarna Intense is a powerful coffee that energizes and awakens all the senses, while Jubilarna Sensual with its delicate taste and magical scent each time brings a smile to your face.

Starting this year, Franck launched a new line of functional teas enriched with vitamins and minerals.

By following global trends, and in accordance with consumers' expectations, Franck recognized a need for innovative beverages with additional benefits and are also fast and easy to prepare. It has launched a new line of beverages with coffee – Energy, Smart and Protein coffee with added functional ingredients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Franck relaunched the premium Franck Superiore Espresso products with carefully selected coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. This is a confirmation that the coffee selected for Superiore espresso exclusively comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ plantations and farms that are required to meet standards for sustainable agriculture that protect wildlands, waterways, wildlife habitat and the rights and well-being of workers, their families and communities

Franck's line of Bianka instant cereal beverages made from barley, barley malt, chicory and rye is enriched with a new product – Bianka Classic BIO, and the whole line comes in a new redesigned packaging as well.

The first Franck Cappuccino in a soft pink colour thanks to the natural colour and the addition of raspberry powder. With its unique taste and velvety texture, this beauty among Franck Cappuccinos is irresistibly reminiscent of delicious Macarons cookies.

Personalized approach with a line of Specialty coffees that Franck's experts roast to order. Each packaging contains handpicked and separately roasted coffee beans of authentic origin, grown on specially chosen plantations from around the world. It can be ordered whole bean or ground for your favourite method of preparation. 

A web shop enabling consumers to order their favourite Franck products in just a few clicks has been launched. Ordered products will be delivered to your doorstep or as a surprise for family and friends. 

In 2021, the Franck Group made planned investments in the amount of HRK 43 million, financed with its own funds, and the largest single investment was an investment in a mill and a silo system in a coffee plant. 

Franck was among the first in Croatia to pass the assessment of compliance with the requirements of the International Featured Standard (IFS) Food V7 and renew the certificate after meeting extremely demanding safety and product quality standards. By achieving the result of 98.67 percent, Franck reaffirmed that it is at a high level of compliance given that the new version of the standard includes extended requirements and stricter evaluation criteria. 

In the tea category, the Franck Beestro project was presented aimed at protecting ecosystems and bee communities in cooperation with the Croatian Beekeepers' Association. For more information see link

Franck is a proud recipient of the Excellence during Challenges award, given to the employers who have demonstrated a high level of care for their employees since the beginning of the pandemic.

Franck Barista Coffee Inspiration was presented, a specially designed program of professional barista courses for students and teachers of secondary catering and tourism schools, regional centres of competence in vocational education. The value of the project was recognized and supported by the Ministry of Science and Education. 

Franck Cappuccino Golden Macaron was launched featuring natural ingredients such as turmeric that gives it a beautiful golden colour, and ginger that provides a unique and somewhat exotic taste. 

On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the company, in the heart of Zagreb, in Teslina 7, opened Franck Experience Store - a modern space with four Azomico silos and a small Petroncini Briciola roaster, where visitors can enjoy a wide selection of high quality Franck coffee, tea and cereal and chicory drinks. Great emphasis was placed on creating a unique consumer experience and experience of the Franck brand itself with innovative market trends, which is reflected in the use of quality technology for storing and preparing coffee.