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Franck Nota Capsules

For all those who only enjoy the highest quality of coffee and keep up with trends. The four rich flavors of Franck coffee in capsules will have an unforgettable taste at every opportunity.

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Franck Nota Espresso

16 x 7g
Espresso is at the same time a simple coffee stripped of any additives, but also a beverage of complex aromas. A special note of arabica coffee and pleasant fruity acids leave a rich aftertaste, which is why you'll enjoy your epresso long after the first sip.
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Franck Nota Lungo

16 x 7g
Lungo is an extended coffee of silky texture and pleasant fruit acids that elevate its subsequent taste and create a special note of aroma. This drink is perfect for the moments when we want to taste the rich aromas of an espresso, but enjoy them a little longer.
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Franck Nota Latte Macchiato

8 x 7 g espresso + 8 x 17,8 g milk
Latte macchiate is a gentle beverage full of milk flavor, but it also carries the power of complex notes and aromas of one hundred percent arabica coffee. Creamy texture, velvety aftertaste and rich foam are just part of the experience of enjoying this light coffee.
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Franck Nota Cappuccino

8 x 7 g espresso + 8 x 17 g milk
Cappuccino is a beverage with the perfect ratio of intense espresso and creamy milk foam. Complex aromas of espresso with a pronounced note arabica coffee enriched with milk now come with a simple tap of a button.
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