Vacuum packing ensures that coffee is protected from the effects of oxygen, moisture and other environmental factors.

There is nothing more wonderful than the smell of freshly ground coffee spreading through the room, right? It is that delicious scent that mesmerizes us when we open the vacuum-sealed bag on our way to the perfect cup of coffee.

When it comes to coffee production, the highest quality beans are carefully selected, because only such beans are worthy of being part of the Franck ground coffee blend. Franck experts carefully determine the parameters of coffee roasting, such as temperature and length of roasting, because each variety of coffee has some specific, seductive flavour notes that can be obtained only if the roasting process is perfected. That perfection needs to be protected, too. One of the secrets to preserving the freshness and aroma of the highest quality coffee beans contained in our blends for a long time lies in the process of packaging in an oxygen-free environment and in the selection of packaging that provides a good barrier.

Vacuum packing ensures that air is removed from the package and the proper selection of packaging materials prevents the external factors from affecting the product itself. Ground coffee is packed under vacuum while whole beans are packed in bags with a one-way-valve enabling roast gases to escape without allowing air into the bags.

When it comes to vacuum packaging, our mission is to provide you with that unique, complete coffee experience that will shake your senses and take you to the most remote, exotic coffee plantations.