Vacuum packing ensures that coffee is protected from the effects of oxygen, moisture and other environmental factors.

Many food products need to be protected from the effects of oxygen during storage, and there are several ways to do this. One way is to evacuate all oxygen from the packaging, in a process called vacuum packing.

Our coffee products are packaged on a very high speed line, under vacuum conditions to protect the product from the effects of oxygen. This packaging method guarantees the best protection of product quality.

At Franck, most of our products are packaging in packaging made of multilayer polymers and combined materials. Namely, various monomaterials are combined to obtain a laminate of the desired characteristics for preserving the quality of a given product. When using packaging materials under vacuum conditions, the packaging material and the selected barrier plastomer must be as impermeable as possible to air, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The foils Franck uses are based on the principle of selecting materials by compensating for the negative properties of one foil with the positive properties of another. Franck uses a combination of materials in a six-layer laminate as its packaging material, and vacuum packing meets all the important requirements for preserving the product. This packaging ensures impermeability for gases, water vapour, moisture, electromagnetic radiation (light and UV), and oxygen, while preserving the aromatic characteristics, flavour, smell, colour and nutritional value of the product, and also extending its shelf life.

Special attention has also been paid to the materials used directly in packaging product, as the production procedures used in the making of polymer materials are selected carefully, in order to ensure that materials and packaging are suitable for use with foods. It is important to stress that there are no interactions between the materials and the packaged contents.

Thanks to growing awareness of the need to conserve our environment, and the evolution of understanding of possible impacts of packaging on polluting our environment, polymer packaging has shifted from being unacceptable to becoming the most ecologically acceptable option. Franck also takes care in its comprehensive considerations of the impacts of packaging on the environment, through its entire life cycle, from the phases of using raw materials to its final disposal.