Is instant coffee real coffee, how many varieties are there and what kind of coffee do Croats like best? Vesna Mihatov, a coffee cupper who tastes up to 50 cups a day of this popular beverage, has all the answers.

Croats are great coffee lovers.

True. Croats are great coffee lovers, for whom the ritual of preparing, and enjoying coffee with friends is particularly important. However, with a per capita consumption of 5.1 kilograms, Croatia is a country with strong potential for growth, as for example, the EU average is 5.8 kilograms per capita.

Croatian coffee drinkers love strong flavours.

True. The Croatian consumers prefer the ‘dark’ aromas, primarily the chocolate, hazelnut and almond flavours.

True coffee lovers do not add milk or sugar to their coffee.

True. Adding sugar and milk covers up and ruins the original aromas and scents.

* There are only two varieties of coffee – Arabica and Robusta.

False. There are other varieties such as Liberica, but only Arabica and Robusta are grown commercially. They differ in the appearance, size, colour and structure of the bean, but most of all in the aroma – Robusta stands out as a stronger aroma, while Arabica is more delicate, but with an exceptionally rich aroma and complex flavour.

From the start of mass production to the present day, coffee has been transported exclusively in burlap bags.

False. Today, coffee is also transported in cisterns. However, burlap allows coffee to breathe, so most raw coffee beans are transported in standardised 60 kilogram bags.

The first European café was opened in Vienna.

False. The first European café was opened in Venice in 1645. The first café in Vienna was opened in 1683, while trader Leopold Duhn opened the first café in Zagreb in 1748.

Coffee is a beloved morning beverage and is usually consumed before noon.

No relevant research has been conducted on this generally accepted assumption.

Coffee consumption worldwide is constantly on the rise.

True. The global demand for coffee is growing at about 2% per year. However, considering some large markets, such as China, are just starting to discover the wonders of coffee, it is estimated that the growth rate will increase rapidly over the next decade.

Europeans are great coffee consumers.

True. The top ten countries by consumption are the USA, Brazil, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Great Britain. By per capita consumption, Finland is at the top, with 12 kilograms consumer per person each year.