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Superiore teas

The Franck Superiore Tea line of premium teas brings 13 magical flavours of herbal, fruit, green and black teas. Each of these Superiore Tea flavours contains only the best, gentle leaves and buds, and carefully selected fruits, to delight all true tea lovers.

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Franck Superiore Sweet Elderberry

Box 110 g
Sweet and sour taste, the elder berries are rich in vitamins and have been worshiped by the famous Greek doctor Hippocrates.
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Franck Superiore Warm Embrace

We would like to introduce to all tea lovers a new flavor - Warm Embrace, a combination of Turmeric and Ginger Tea. This aromatic blend of herbal tea also contains apple and cinnamon for a unique scent, which will perfectly complement any moment of the day.
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Franck Superiore Spearmint

Box 50 g
Mint was named after the mythological creature Minthe, and the ancient Romans believed it strengthened the mind. However, its mild and refreshing character has never been a myth.
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Franck Superiore Sencha

Box 62.5 g
Sencha is a true classic green tea, and the best known of this variety. Its delicate and sophisticated flavour is due to the harvest, which takes place during the spring when the tea leaves are young.
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Franck Superiore Summer Dream

Box 100 g
It is interesting that the best refreshment on a hot day is actually hot tea. And when the temperature drops, a cup of the enchanting flavours of summer is sure to arouse all the senses.
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Franck Superiore Winter spice

Box 125 g
The familiar fragrance of rosehip tea that awakens memories from childhood, has now taken on a delicate, exotic note and an even more enchanting aroma. An ideal friend on cold, winter days.
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Franck Superiore Camomile honey

Box 62.5 g
Did you know that chamomile is another name for gentleness? Since ancient times it has been a faithful companion throughout our lives. Few know that it takes 6 kg of fresh flowers to make 1 kg of dried flowers. Relax and enjoy…
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Franck Superiore Black Earl Grey

Box 87.5 g
The world’s most famous tea was named after the British Prime Minister. Its powerful taste is ideal for the morning wakening of even the sleepiest people, and with a drop of milk, it becomes the true ruler of the teas.
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Author Ivana Prstec