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Product selection

Discover rich offer of Franck products for hospitality.

Superiore espresso

Premium quality single origin, Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee

Guatemala Single Origin Espresso

Ideal for those who truly love and appreciate perfect flavour and aroma of carefully selected, high quality coffee beans.

Espresso 125 Years Edition

A special edition espresso that tells the tale of exotic lands where the finest coffee varieties are grown.

Stretto Espresso

Ideal for those who love espresso with a pronounced and rich flavour.

Espresso Classic

Medium strength espresso for those who love a classic cup.

Classic decaffeinated

Enjoy a perfect espresso, without worrying about the caffeine.

Bonus Espresso

For those who prefer an espresso with an intensive aroma.

Instant Cappuccino

So many different cappuccino flavours for an ideal moment of rest.

Franck Café

Instant mix Ice Coffee

Perfect companion for hot days

Functional beverages with coffee

Discover your possibilities with functional coffee beverages with proteins, vitamins or minerals!

Instant decaffeinated beverages

For the youngest ones.

Superiore teas

The perfection of nature.

Black and green teas

Beloved classics in their display of colours.

Franck herbal teas

Flowers, leaves and fruit of pure nature.

Nature's path

The benefits of the plant world.

Fruit teas

The very best of fruit

Functional teas

Enriched with vitamins and minerals

Hot chocolate & Cocoa

Hot chocolate, hot flavours. Whether alone or with friends, a thick hot chocolate is the perfect drink to relax with.

Espresso Cocktails

Add a little creativity to make the perfect cocktails!

Service center

he Franck regional service centre covers an area of 2000 square metres, and our machines are regularly maintained by professional repairmen of the Franck Central Service. We ensure a high level of services throughout our partnership network.