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"In this business, no two days are alike"

Each day is filled with new news, new trends, new shoots and different events, making the hours fly, before I even know what hit me. But the one thing that is always the same, and always perfect, the one thing I can enjoy without a rush, the one thing that calms and awakens me – is my coffee!

Multitasking has become an integral part of every working day. Writing new emails, checking current news and trends, making plans to publish articles, and organising meetings. Just one thing can hold everything in place – my essential coffee! Always to the left of my computer.

In order to ensure that I have everything under control in this dynamic job, I need just four things: comfortable shoes to make it across town and back, my day planner to remind me of all my daily obligations, my favourite lipstick that always lifts me up a notch, and my coffee without which I cannot even imagine the workday. Or the weekends.

In this business, when new fashion and beauty trends come out weekly, telling us what to buy and what to pull out of the closet, there are four must haves that defy all trendiness: a little black dress, classic pumps, red lipstick and good coffee. With them, you just can't go wrong!

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