About us

Franck, as one of the most successful Croatian producers and exporters of food products, began writing its long history and tradition more than 130 years ago. The Franck story began in 1827, when the young and ambitious German entrepreneur, Johann H. Franck, was the first to successfully make a beverage out of the medicinal plant chicory.

The Zagreb factory was opened in 1892 in what was then the periphery of the city, on Vodovodna Street, where it still stands today. The initial activities were founded on the ideas of Johann Franck, to turn chicory into a hot beverage. Meanwhile, chicory was planted in the vast fields of Moslavina, and the buying station with drying plant for this noble plant was opened in Bjelovar in 1900. Since then, the company has expanded onto the regional market and has continuously invested in its production, research and development, and innovations, to become a symbol of vision and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, Franck is the market leader in the coffee and tea categories, with successful products such as Jubilarna coffee, Classic, Bonus, Superiore, Stretto and 125 YEARS EDITION espressos, Franck Cappuccino and Franck teas, boasting a wide product range of over 30 different premium quality flavours. With the main product categories, the Franck portfolio also includes cereal and chicory beverages, spices, food preparation ingredients, and baking ingredients.

The company’s strategic focus is on further development and sustainable growth of operations in the category of hot beverages, through continuous investments in production excellence, and the application of advanced technological solutions and developing innovative concepts and products to implement new trends and to contribute to the overall development of the market. Our focus is clear: to strengthen our leadership position through innovations, a high standard of product quality, and systematic work on the development of the production line and brands, in order to create the assumptions for new expansions in the region and internationally.


Seat: Franck d.d., Vodovodna ulica 20, Zagreb
Company equity: 371.637.900,00 HRK
Registry court: Commercial Court, Zagreb
MBS: 080000209
MB: 3213161
OIB: 07676693758
Chairperson of the Supervisory Board: Dubravko Artuković
Director: Ivan Artuković