Franck Experience Store in Teslina Street was opened on the occasion of 130 years of the company - the space delights with functionality, personalized approach and a rich selection of premium quality coffee, tea and coffee substitutes

Franck Experience Store was opened on the occasion of 130 years of Franck, in the heart of Zagreb, in Teslina Street 7. It is a modern space where visitors will be able to enjoy a wide selection of the highest quality Franck coffees, teas and coffee substitutes.

The newly opened Franck Experience Store offers visitors a unique experience of coffee and other hot beverages, which is why this downtown location could become a favourite of all those who love Franck products and urban mode of living. Visitors can expect a personalized approach, but also a program that will include organized tastings, workshops on tasting and preparation of beverages with the aim of further promoting the culture of coffee and tea and educating interested consumers.

​​​​ Zagreb's Teslina Street is thus richer for a new ‘it’ place where every fan of coffee, tea and coffee substitutes can find something for themselves. The interior of the Franck Experience Store is designed to functionally and symbolically convey the story of a high standard of product quality that has been recognised by consumers for the past 130 years.

The offer includes a wide selection of coffee from well-known espresso blends such as Superiore, Stretto, 125 Years Espresso, single-origin ground coffee, as well as a special line of specialty coffees that are prepared to order. There is also a selection of pod coffee machines for home use, as well as other accessories such as cups, thermoses, teapots and equipment for different ways of preparing hot drinks. All tea fans will be able to choose from a wide range of different teas in both loose tea and bags, but also a rich premium line of Superiore teas and coffee substitute classics such as Divka, Kneipp and instant coffee substitute Bianca.

Franck Experience Store also brings a novelty that makes it unique in Croatia and at the same time raises the level of service quality. Four Azomico silos are an exclusive addition to Franck's space in Teslina. They ensure that the coffee beans stay fresh and are ground on site, depending on the preferred method of preparation. The silos are filled with nitrogen which preserves the freshness and rich flavour of the beans. A small Petroncini Briciola roaster was also set up in the exhibition space.

​​​​​​​Great emphasis was placed on creating a unique consumer experience and experience of the Franck brand itself with innovative market trends, which is reflected in the use of quality technology for storing and preparing coffee.

Franck's store in Teslina Street is also a pet friendly place so visitors can stop by with their pets.