This year we are celebrating 130 years that embody the legacy of innovation and top quality to which we have remained consistent through the years.

We remember the decisive milestones in our history - Johann Franck's innovations in chicory processing in 1828 and the opening of the Zagreb factory in 1892, the start of coffee production in the 1960s and the launch of the first vacuum packaging, the first fruit teas in filter packs on the Croatian market, the introduction of Extra espresso coffee system and the development of our espresso blends… Even today, we equally approach the market through production excellence, advanced technological solutions and defining trends within our product categories, influencing the development of the entire market.

In these 130 years, we have provided the backbone to the development of coffee and tea culture and rituals of their preparation and enjoyment that are an important part of our culture of living. We are proud of these successes and celebrate 130 years of socializing and millions of cups of pleasure that we share with our consumers in Croatia and the region.

We share with them our passion and love for a cup of our favourite beverage that connects us and provide inspiration in a cup of our espresso, a moment of pure pleasure and peace with a cup of our tea, joy when hanging out with friends over our cappuccino and accompany valuable experiences and memories for generations.

It is the essence of our existence in which we recognize the values that connect us. We are grateful for all that generations of our colleagues before us have achieved. As we build the future we want and celebrate new opportunities and successes, we are aware that every new day is an opportunity for a new beginning. That is our attitude towards the opportunities we create, towards the team spirit, the knowledge and new ideas we share, the mutual respect we nurture, the competitive approach we advocate and the responsibility we shoulder.

As the message of our anniversary campaign says "130 years of new beginnings" - we look forward to new moments and successes the next century brings. We remain consistent by putting a piece of ourselves into every cup that carries Franck’s signature!

Let's raise our glasses to our first 130 years of new beginnings!