On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the company, Franck has teamed up with famous chefs Jeunes Restaurateurs (JRE) with whom he has been successfully cooperating for more than five years. The chefs replaced their kitchens with the ones in Franck's restaurant for employees and prepared them lunch featuring a top selection of traditional dishes.

JRE Croatia, an association of top chefs and restaurant owners, is a proud member of an international family operating in 16 countries and brings together the most creative chefs and more than 350 gastronomically more ambitious restaurants. This time, the kitchen in Franck hosted chefs from renowned restaurants throughout Croatia, such as Dubravkin put from Zagreb, Navis and Villa Ariston from Opatija, Konoba Pelegrini from Šibenik, tavern Boba from Murter, restaurant Korak from Plešivica, Konoba Zijavica from Moščenićka draga, and restaurant Pergola from Savudrija.


1. Tavern Pelegrini - dried shark with orzo

2. Tavern Boba - cuttlefish dish maništrun with chickpeas

3. Restaurant Zijavica - octopus stew with peas

4. Villa Ariston - chicken dumplings with zucchini and fennel

5. Restaurant Dubravkin put - black Slavonian pig ragout and smoked potatoes

6. Restaurant Pergola - pork ribs and potato gratin

7. Design Hotel Navis - sausages, pork thick neck and sauerkraut

8. Restaurant Korak - Turopolje piglet roll with salad

They demonstrated their culinary skills to Franck's employees through a specially designed menu based on the traditional recipe of the region they come from. The celebratory menu for employees included sausages and sauerkraut, dumplings with chicken and zucchini, pork ribs and potatoes, cuttlefish and chickpeas, black Slavonian pork stew and many other dishes of which each chose the ones to their liking. The combination of unusual and somewhat forgotten gastronomic delicacies with the signature of famous chefs was a unique opportunity to celebrate the great 130th anniversary of the company.

Franck's story dates back to 1827, when the young, ambitious German entrepreneur Johann H. Franck first managed to turn the medicinal plant chicory into a chicory drink. The Zagreb factory was opened in 1892 on the then outskirts of Zagreb, in Vodovodna Street, where it is still located today, and started operating based on the idea of Johann Franck to turn chicory into a hot beverage. The company is strategically focused on further development and sustainable business growth in the category of hot beverages through continuous investment in production excellence and application of advanced technological solutions and development of innovative concepts and products that introduce new trends and contribute to the overall market. This is the value on which the company is built and represents one of the backbones of the business model.