Franck and Step into Life launched a national charity campaign to support young people without adequate parental care

Franck Jubilarna, in cooperation with the charity project Step into Life, is implementing a socially responsible project in which it donates 50 lipa from the sale of the popular Ciglica, i.e. a 250g vacuum-packed Jubilarna coffee. The fundraising campaign lasts until May 8 and is intended to provide scholarships for university education of young people without adequate parental care.

"For generations Ciglica has been writing the most heart-warming stories with each cup. Now, in collaboration with Step into Life, it is fulfilling the dreams of those who need that kind of stories the most - children without adequate parental care. Life, just like a cup of coffee, can be sweet, but also bitter. Being aware of our role and responsibility towards the society in which we have been operating for 130 years, together with our consumers we want to support young people to step into life more solidly by donating 50 lipa from the sale of each Ciglica," said Aleksandra Zlatanovski, Group Brand Manager for the ground coffee category at Franck.

Every year, in Croatia, a significant number of children without adequate parental care complete high school, but have no financial support to continue their education because they lose the right to foster care. Precisely because of this and many other problems they encounter on their way into the adult world, many of them do not have the opportunity to continue their education, despite their wishes. For this reason, Franck Jubilarna decided to support the charity project Step into Life in order to give young people the opportunity to continue their education and professional development.

"We are extremely pleased with this campaign in which two strong brands, two success stories are connected, with the aim of helping young people who need our support on their journey of stepping into the adult world. I thank the leadership of Franck for recognizing our efforts and for supporting us, as well as to all donors who have been with the Step into Life campaign through the activities so far and those who will soon become ones", concluded Darko Radišić, manager of the Step into Life campaign.

In addition to raising funds, Franck will, with the support of its human resources management experts, organize educational workshops for all past and current Step into Life scholarship holders to help them and prepare them for entering the labour market. For many years now, Franck has been providing a business path for young talents through a two-year mentoring internship program Start Up for students who are at the point of finishing their university education.

Under this program, Franck offers the interns valuable work experience, new knowledge and training, competitive monthly income and the possibility of permanent employment. New interns can apply to the Franck program every two years for two years of training and gaining valuable work experience in various fields of business, and the Step into Life scholarship holders will also have the opportunity to be included in this selection process.

"I am extremely grateful to be a scholarship holder of this commendable program. These three years have made my life much easier, both academically and personally. Due to this scholarship, I can continue the desired education in this challenging and demanding time", said Marija Pintarić, Step into Life scholarship holder.

The importance of this campaign was recognized and supported by many eminent persons from public life, such as Bojana Gregorić Vejzović, Nataša Janjić, Mirna Medaković, Lejla Filipović and many others.

"Education is the most valuable guarantee for a secure future, so I am proud to be able to support the Step into Life charity project. This is how better and more beautiful life stories are written. Good luck to all holders i.e., participants in higher education," said actress Bojana Gregorić Vejzović, ambassador of this project.

This year Franck is celebrating its 130th anniversary, and one of the prominent years for the company was the presentation of Jubilarna coffee in 1972, which is thus celebrating its 50th anniversary. It assumed its specific shape, a vacuum packaging resembling a little brick – hence the nickname Ciglica, in 1993. This packaging has enabled Jubilarna ground coffee to retain its freshness with a rich taste recognizable to generations of premium coffee lovers.