In order for the bees to always have enough food, Franck has decided to enable everyone to host them by opening - Beestro!

The Franck Beestro project was presented today aimed at protecting endangered bee communities that are an indispensable part of our ecosystem. With the support of the Croatian Beekeepers' Association, Franck wants to raise awareness of the importance of bees for life on Earth and encourage its consumers and the general public to contribute to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of these valuable pollinators.

Without bees there would be no flowers or plants, and therefore no tea. Agriculture all over the world depends on them and they are an unavoidable link in the pollination of about 75% of food products. However, the number of these precious pollinators is significantly reduced, among other things, due to the lack of honey flowers and trees.

In order to ensure that the bees always have enough food, Franck decided to enable everyone to help them and host them in their own Franck Beestro. Franck Beestro is a pot for honey flowers, perfect for a balcony, window, terrace or garden, which can provide enough food for dozens of bees during the flowering season. And while the bees enjoy the food provided for them, consumers can enjoy the fine Franck teas that they bees have provided for them.

"At Franck, we are guided by the principles of sustainability and responsibility that we apply in our daily work, as well as through projects such as Franck Beestro, in which we include our consumers. It is a special pleasure that, in this case, we can use our position as a leader in the tea category to raise awareness of the key role of bees in protecting our ecosystems and biodiversity, and even life on Earth as we know it. Every step in that direction, even the smallest one, is worth the effort. If each of us does one little thing for the bees, together we can do a lot for the world we live in”, said Draga Žulj, Senior Brand Manager at Franck.

The Franck Beestro project is supported by the Croatian Beekeepers' Association, whose president Željko Vrbos pointed out at the presentation: “Bees and their primary pollinating role are crucial in preserving ecological sustainability. In an innovative way, the Beestro project managed to combine the quality of a product such as tea, which, like many other plants and crops, would not exist without bees, with raising awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping by giving its consumers the opportunity to directly contribute to increasing the source of food for bees by planting flowering plants. Therefore, cooperation on such a project contributes to our common goal for the benefit of bees and, ultimately, all of us.

Anyone can open their Beestro this spring

Franck Beestro is a special tin container that contains two boxes of fine Franck tea and seeds of honey flowers and spices such as sage, lavender, thyme, sunflower, phacelia, etc., which can be sown to the pot. A charming illustration on embossed container is done by one of the best Croatian artists of the new generation, Vedran Klemens.

All you have to do is take tea boxes out of the container, add flower soil to the Beestro and sow the seeds that come in the package, then water it a little and place it in a bright, warm place.

The Franck Beestro pot is a great incentive to connect with nature, learn about the importance of every living organism in our ecosystem and is accessible to everyone. It only takes a little space, time and love. With small steps, taking up gardening as a hobby, you will provide your balcony or terrace with a colourful look, as well as food for bees. Since Franck Beestro offers a variety of honey plants, you will attract bee visitors who will only stay for a few minutes to collect nectar and then continue their flight. After flowering, you can collect the seeds, store them in a Franck Beestro pot during the winter and reopen the season next spring ", explains the project ambassador Sandra Bedran,

The Franck Beestro planting pot, with seeds of honey flowers and spices and two boxes of Franck tea, is available at a recommended non-binding retail price of HRK 25.98. A limited edition Franck Beestro ceramic pot with carefully crafted and hand-painted details is also available for purchase through the Franck web shop.

Along with Iva Šulentić, who moderated the presentation, the project was joined by the famous young singer, songwriter and musician, Nika Turković, who announced the "opening" of her Franck Beestro this spring. “Initiatives like Franck’s Beestro project bring back hope for a greener and better tomorrow, so I am very happy to be able to contribute in any way. Bees are an indispensable part of our ecosystem and it surprises me how often we forget about it, but that is exactly why projects like this are extremely important. I will put my Beestro pot with planted honey flowers for bees on my balcony and be ready to host them", said Nika Turković.

In its day-to-day operations,  Franck seeks to ensure that business operations do not affect the ecosystems and communities in which it operates and provides support to suppliers in their resilience to climate change in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The priority goals for the company are sustainable consumption and production focused on the protection of natural resources and climate protection. One of the ways to achieve this is through active participation in the coffee&climate initiative with a vision of training farmers to effectively adapt and respond to climate change that significantly affects the availability and quality of coffee.