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Lili Basic Capaccetti

Gastro photographer and blogger
The scents and tastes of my childhood...

More and more, I see the value of the little things. Little stolen moments to relax, take a deep breath, close my eyes and dream about what I want, what I love. About places I want to visit, about memories I want to keep… I have one such moment every day, when I make myself a cup of Bianka in my kitchen. When I take a sip of that mild, creamy beverage, my mind often wanders back to my childhood, when my grandmother regularly made coffee substitute for breakfast, and the wonderful fragrance that spread throughout the entire kitchen, and the mild, sweet flavour in our cups, filled with warm milk, a little coffee substitute, and sweetened with sugar. Even today, as soon as I smell that great fragrance and taste that amazing flavour, I relax and steal just a moment for myself, for my memories, and my fantasies…

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