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Anamarija Gulin

Travel blogger
In the middle of nowhere, trying to find myself

Hi, I am Gula, a travel lover and a dreamer. Day by day I try to keep the promise I have made to myself - live one day at the time, seek happiness in the little things and enjoy life to the fullest.

One thing that I will not let anyone take away from me is enjoying my cup of coffee. If you know me well, you know how happy coffee makes me. For me, coffee is much more than just a drink that wakes you up. Coffee is happiness. Coffee is a delight to the palate. Coffee brings pleasure and relaxation anytime of the day. Coffee is ‘me time’ that always brings joy. I am open to trying out different ways to brew the coffee, but right now I am most excited about Franck's d Jubilarna Sensual - the ideal combination of chocolate beans which bring me moments of delight with delicious flavour and taste. And best of all is that it only takes one minute for my moment and my happiness. That one minute a day ensures that I keep my promise to be happy with the little things.

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