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Rea Hadžiosmanović

DJ and music editor
I often relax with a mint tea

Do you know that board game "Never Have I Ever “? Well, never have I ever had a cup of coffee in my entire life! Hard to believe, but true! It was because of the lack of this favourite ritual of most of my friends, family, and business associates that I had to find something else that I would equally enjoy. And love was born - mint tea.

For the past 15 years I have been working as a DJ, and this refreshing herb from the Far East in the form of unsweetened tea is the perfect assistant in my daily relaxation from the noise of the night clubs and helps with biorhythm adjustment.

Moreover, out of love for mint, I have started growing seedlings on my terrace, so in addition to my morning tea ritual, I now have a new one - plucking out dried leaves and looking after my precious herbs.

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