Franck's Easy Serve Espresso machine enables the preparation of the finest espresso drink in just 16 seconds. It was developed in cooperation with a long-term partner and a leading Italian manufacturer of professional espresso machines, the company Grimac from Bologna, Italy.

The fans of top-quality espresso will surely be delighted by the news from Franck, about the new Franck Easy Serve espresso machine that will enable you to prepare your favourite black beverage from the comfort of your own home, of the same high quality and taste like it was brewed at your favourite café. 

Namely, in cooperation with its long-term partner, the company Grimac from Bologna, Italy, Franck proudly presents Easy Serve Espresso machine for home preparation of espresso pod drinks that enables its customers to enjoy an easier preparation of Franck's favourite espresso brands such as premium espresso Stretto, 125 Years Edition and Superiore espresso with the Rainforest Alliance certificate as well as Guatemala Single-Origin coffee.

In addition to ensuring the perfect taste and quality of coffee, the advantage of this machine is that it does not use classic capsules, but the so-called ‘pods’ of freshly ground coffee packaged in a filter bag in a protected atmosphere.

In addition to the machine that enables the preparation of the finest espresso drink in just 16 seconds, Franck has additionally provided all consumers with a high-quality milk frother for the preparation of a perfectly creamy cappuccino, which comes as a separate piece. With this new Easy Serve Espresso concept, Franck has once again proven to be a market leader which, even in these challenging times, manages to adapt quickly to market needs in order to continue enabling its consumers to enjoy their favourite coffee ritual at home.

Easy Serving Espresso machine is available in the Franck webshop and in the Franck store at Vodovodna 20 in Zagreb, at a recommended retail price of HRK 999.99, as well as the Grimac "Milkup" milk frother, which is available at a recommended retail price of HRK 299.99.

All you need to do is choose your favourite Franck espresso and press a button to create your favourite beverage that will awaken all your senses in an instant!