The finals will be held in Zagreb on the eve of the International Coffee Day on October 1, and the three best baristas will win professional education and certification in the total value of more than HRK 70,000 at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Premier Campus in Matulji

Ten competitors had the opportunity to show their skills and abilities in the preparation of top-quality espresso and other coffee drinks at the qualification competition for the best barista organized by Franck, held in the Zagreb coffee bar Club Roko,

The first place was won by Marko Podbrežićki from Zagreb (Mala Kavana), who showed a high level of knowledge and creativity and thus qualified for the finals of the Franck Barista Contest, which will be held in the fall, also in Zagreb. Mihael Fintić (caffe bar Verdi) and Jelena Dukić (caffe bar Palermo, Lučko), also from Zagreb, and Dragan Hraško from Vinkovci (Gymnasium Caffe & Lounge bar) also qualified for the grand final. The finalists have the opportunity to win the title of the best barista in the region, and the three best and valuable main prize - professional education and certification at the SCA Premier Campus in Matulji, the only SCA certified center in this part of Europe.

"Coffee has always fascinated me, and the masterful preparation of coffee gives full meaning to its original taste and aroma. I strive to bring to perfection every espresso or any other coffee beverage and thus offer guests a true experience of the complexity and richness of taste it provides. This was probably recognized by the judges at this competition, who enabled me to win and place in the grand final, which I am extremely looking forward to," said Marko Podbrežićki.

In the qualifying competition, which is conducted according to the rules of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the skills and abilities of the competitors in preparing one espresso and one cappuccino within eight minutes were tested. The taste of each individual drink and style of work, visual presentation of drinks, technical knowledge and skills of working with an espresso machine and grinder, personal presentation and presentation of the drink, as well as the cleanliness of the work surface at the beginning and end of the performance were evaluated.

The profession of barista is becoming more and more popular today, and with such projects Franck is trying to systematically raise the bar in the quality of espresso and other coffee and tea drinks. By organizing competitions of this kind, it also strengthens its HoReCa business in the region and enables waiters from all over the region to acquire knowledge and skills crucial for a successful career and profiling in the interesting world of coffee.

The first qualifying competition this season was held in Šibenik, and after Zagreb, the qualifications will follow in Lovran on July 16. The grand finale of the Franck Barista Contest 2020 is planned for October 1, on the eve of the International Coffee Day in Zagreb, where finalists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Northern Macedonia will compete for the title of best regional barista. This year, about 50 baristas selected from almost 15,000 restaurants in the region with which Franck cooperates are participating in the competition.