In order to provide support to young talents interested in the profession of barista and a career in hospitality, Franck has established cooperation with secondary vocational schools in Croatia within the program Franck Barista Coffee Inspiration. This program intended for students of catering schools and their teachers was also supported by the Ministry of Science and Education

The first qualifying competition for the new season of the Franck Barista Contest was held on the terrace of the Osijek Hotel. For the sixth year in a row, this prestigious competition brings together the best waiters from the entire region to show their skills in preparing espresso and other coffee drinks.

Nichias Deduš (caffe bar Ness) and Kruno Klarić (caffe bar Korz), both from Osijek, made it to the finals.

"I have been working as a barista for three years, and in order to become a top master in this business, it is necessary to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills. It is competitions like this that allow us to do that. In the coming months, I will try to hone my skills and creativity even more, which I will try to demonstrate in the final round in Zagreb, where I wish to win," said Nichias Deduš.

About 50 baristas have applied to this year’s qualifying competition and 10 finalists will present their skills and creativity in the preparation of espresso and other coffee drinks at the final round of a competition to be held in Zagreb on the eve of International Coffee Day on October 1.

Franck qualifying competitions are conducted according to the rules of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), an umbrella international professional organization that brings together all participants in the coffee industry. By organizing competitions of this kind, Franck systematically raises the bar in the quality of espresso and other coffee and tea beverages served in restaurants and supports the further development of the barista profession, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Presentation of a youth education program Franck Barista Coffee Inspiration

On that occasion, Franck's baristas have also presented Franck Barista Coffee Inspiration, a specially designed program of professional barista training for students and teachers of secondary catering and tourism schools, regional centres of competence in vocational education.

The program integrates various educational modules for professional baristas, with the aim to provide young talents interested in the barista profession with additional support and a quality foundation for further training and building a successful career in hospitality and tourism. As part of the cooperation, Franck also provides equipment for practicum, and the value of the program has been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Education.

Given the demands of the market, Franck's baristas are continuously educated, and on average they do about 2,000 hours of training a year, covering over 4,000 people from the hospitality sector. As part of this collaboration, a team of Franck's baristas will hold educational lectures to numerous students and teachers throughout Croatia.

"Our intention is to provide support to young people in building a career in the hospitality sector, including providing opportunities for gaining competencies and work experience. In this way, we want to give our contribution to raising the quality of service and coffee and tea beverages in catering, and thus the quality of the entire catering and tourist offer in Croatia," said Silvana Fanjek, head of events and sponsorships in Franck.

Yesterday, the baristas held the first such lecture for the students of the Catering and Tourism School Osijek, and a lecture for professors is also planned. Franck plans to develop a long-term program of cooperation with catering schools in cooperation with vocational schools so that all interested students gain insight into the knowledge and skills crucial for a successful career and specialization in the exciting world of coffee.

After Osijek, the qualifying competition will be held in Zagreb, Pula and Zadar, where Franck’s baristas will also hold lectures for teachers and students.