The United Nations has recognized the importance of bees for the ecosystem and 20 May has officially been declared World Bee Day.

Bees are pollinators and fundamental to the world’s agriculture, as 75% of the world’s food crops depend on their pollination. In order to make sure bees always have enough flower pollen and nectar to eat, Franck decided to present Beestro – a container for planting flowers for honeybees. All one has to do it put some potting soil in the container, plant the seeds, water them and put the container in a place where the bee-friendly flower pot will have enough natural light. In order to make the process easier and simpler, Franck was assisted by the project ambassador and horticultural engineer Sandra Bedran in making a series of educational videos about bees and planting.

Franck has created Franck Beestro to help protect the endangered bee communities and raise the awareness of the importance of bees for life on Earth and also to incite its consumers and wider public to contribute to the preservation of natural resources and protection of these important pollinators. World Bee Day is an ideal incentive to everyone to bring about positive change and start making a better tomorrow.

Franck Beestro is a tin container for planting pollinator-friendly plants providing the much-needed food sources for bees. It contains two packages of Franck tea and a honeybee flower seed mix, including spice seeds like sage, lavender, thyme, sunflower and phacelia that can be planted in the container and put on the balcony, window, terrace or garden to provide enough food for dozens of bees during the flowering season.

Franck Beestro is available at a non-binding suggested retail price of HRK 25.98. In addition to the tin container, the Franck webshop offer also includes a limited-edition ceramic Franck Beestro pot with carefully crafted and hand-painted details.  

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