As part of barista contests, this year Franck launched a cooperation with secondary catering and tourism schools in Croatia as part of the educational program for students and teachers Franck Barista Coffee Inspiration

On the eve of the International Coffee Day, which is celebrated on October 1, Franck announced the winners of the traditional barista contest in Johann Franck, Zagreb. The final competition in Zagreb gathered the 10 best baristas from partner restaurants throughout Croatia, and the title of this year's winner went to Marko Ristić from Pula (Bass Bar), while the second place went to Gabrijela Petrović, from Split (Caffe Štacija), and the third place went to Kristijan Bandala from Zadar (Coffee and Cake Zadar). The three best competitors were awarded valuable specialized training programs that will provide them with further advancement and upgrading of theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as additional specialty training.

The final round of a competition tested the ability of the contestants to prepare four identical espresso-based drinks, four cappuccino and four coffee-based signature cocktails. The taste of each individual drink and style of work, visual presentation of drinks, technical knowledge and skills of working with an espresso machine and grinder, personal presentation and presentation of the drink, as well as the cleanliness of the work surface at the beginning and end of the performance were evaluated. In judging the competitors, the expert jury was guided by the rules of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the umbrella international professional organization that brings together all participants in the coffee industry.

As part of the barista contest, this year Franck started with the implementation of the new program Franck Barista Coffee Inspiration. This specially designed program of professional barista courses for students and teachers is implemented in cooperation with secondary catering and tourism schools and regional centers of competence in vocational education. The program has integrated various educational modules for professional baristas designed with the aim of providing young talents interested in the barista profession with additional support and a quality foundation for further training and building a successful career.

"Along with the Franck Barista Academy, this educational program for secondary catering and tourism schools is another way in which we encourage and support the development of the barista scene by investing in education, continuous training and encouraging the advancement of barista skills of young talents. In this way, we are also working on raising the quality of espresso and other coffee and tea beverages, which are served in restaurants in Croatia and the region", said Hrvoje Tandara, head of Trade Marketing at Franck.

Franck plans to develop a long-term program of cooperation with vocational, hospitality and tourism schools, supported by the Ministry of Science and Education, so that all interested students gain insight into knowledge and skills crucial for a successful career and profiling in the dynamic world of coffee.

For the third year in a row, Franck is awarding the best partner catering facilities in Croatia with the prestigious Franck Barista Club award, which guarantees guests top-quality coffee, aimed at promoting and rewarding excellence in catering. The selection of the best is evaluated by the mystery guest method, and based on the criteria such as the quality and presentation of espresso and other coffee and tea beverages, equipment maintenance and guest service.