True coffee lovers have been enjoying the popular Franck ‘Ciglica’ for generations

We have presented a new marketing campaign for Jubilarna coffee, popularly known as ‘Ciglica’ (the little brick), which aims to encourage consumers to enjoy every moment of the day, regardless of the occasion and company they are in.

The focus of the campaign is the emotional story of a daughter who unlocks bitter sweet memories when she opens a scrapbook left behind by her late father. Along with the scent and taste of Jubilarna, she recalls important moments from her life that her father captured with his words and a camera. At the same time, the motive for saying goodbye to loved ones is very rare in advertising, especially in Croatia and the region, which makes this ad so special and authentic.

"With the narration of our award-winning theatre and film actor, Krešimir Mikić, this ad takes us through a story about life that sometimes needs to be sweetened, but bitter experiences can give us strength and lift us up. Through a cute analogy, and with the slogan "Just like life", the campaign reveals how many life moments and experiences are just like Jubilarna", said Aleksandra Zlatanovski, Senior Brand Manager for the ground coffee category at Franck.

The shots that depict details from a completely ordinary, everyday life convey a message we can easily identify with - how important it is to live for moments that are sometimes sweet and strong, unique and unrepeatable, magical and powerful, especially if we share them with those we love.

The new communication platform also creates a link between the older generations for whom Franck Jubilarna has been a concept of quality and lifestyle for decades, and the younger generations who are just finding their way and recognizing true values.

The new campaign for Franck Jubilarna is signed by the Pink Moon agency headed by creative director, Hrvoje Škurl, and directed by Istok Tornjanski. The message of the campaign is that a cup of all-time Jubilarna coffee can be sweet, bitter, seductive, unique, special, and perfect - just like life.

Franck Jubilarna was first introduced in 1972 and soon became a kind of icon. It got its current specific shape, i.e. vacuum packaging, in 1993, which enabled the ground coffee to maintain the freshness of its aroma for a longer period, and its rich and balanced flavour has been well known for generations.