Thanks to Agilcon, Franck has become the first FMCG brand in Croatia and the region to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud, an innovative digital marketing solution aimed at establishing direct contact with consumers and loyal customers. This project was realized as part of the Franck Loyalty Club.

Franck showcases the successful implementation of marketing automation tools on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform in collaboration with Agilcon, the leading Salesforce Consulting Partner in the Adriatic region. With this, Franck has become one of the first FMCG brands in the region, and globally, to include "direct-to-consumer" communication in its marketing strategy. 

The project was initiated with the goal of establishing higher-quality direct contact with customers, enabling regular updates on the latest products, providing exclusive offers and items, as well as various additional benefits on the Franck webshop, Franck stores, and the Snogoo machine network, all tailored to their interests and preferences. 

Franck Loyalty Club 

The project was executed within the framework of Franck Loyalty Club, which we have just launched. The long-term plan is to integrate various channels such as Franck webshop, Snogoo machines, and Franck's own stores, providing consumers with an excellent "omnichannel" experience and the ability to enjoy Franck Club benefits across different platforms. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud technology enables the realization of these ambitious plans. Through this solution, a high-quality customer database is established in compliance with GDPR regulations, along with rules for regulated data collection and enhancement of user profiles. Automated processes and communication based on key events in the customer journey will allow Franck to engage in direct communication with consumers through personalized and relevant messages, providing them with a superior experience and maximum benefits from Franck Loyalty Club

To all our consumers who become members of Franck Loyalty Club, we offer various benefits, including personalized content tailored to their interests and favorite flavors, special savings for Franck Club loyalty program members, and updates on new products, conveniences, and promotions. 

From now on, consumers can collect Franck Club points when making purchases on the Franck webshop, Franck stores, and Franck Experience Store.