Zagreb, October 1, 2019 - Croatia is a country of heavy coffee users: almost 85 per cent of citizens drink coffee at least once a day, and over 60 per cent drink coffee more times a day. "Let's go for coffee" is still by far the most common (87.5%) invitation to socialize, and for half of the citizens, the conversation is not complete without coffee, according to the latest research conducted by the Hendal and Franck agency (September, 2019).

If we could invite a Croatian celebrity to a coffee, it would be one of the musicians (23%), a scientist (16%) or an athlete (16%). The most popular choice among scientists is Ivan Đikić, among musicians Maja Šuput and among sportsmen Luka Modrić.

Almost 90% of consumers drink coffee usually in the morning, while close to 70% drink coffee also in the afternoon. When do Croatians drink coffee? 29% of consumers drink coffee while having a conversation, 29% drink coffee in solitude, 29% while following news or social networks and 18,7% while preparing for work, school or college. The most popular types of coffee are ground (Turkish) coffee and espresso in café bars that is consumed by almost 70% of the interviewed citizens. Other types, instant coffee stands out (42%), instant cappuccino (39%) and coffee-to-go from a vending machine (35%).

Coffee lovers still love the most their favourite drink from the coffee pot (69%), but every second person likes instant coffee topped with hot water and every third person selects coffee from a vending machine. Most often, sugar and milk are added to coffee, while almost 20 per cent of respondents enjoy drinking pure coffee without any additives.

Coffee is a part of daily life, so most people drink coffee out of habit (41%), because of socializing (36%) and waking up (37%), and coffee taste is the primary reason for consuming for 29% of heavy coffee users. While drinking coffee, coffee users take mostly nibbles cookies (40%), bakery products and cakes and 15% of heavy coffee users like to combine their favourite beverage with chocolate.

When coffee is mentioned, 8% of citizens quote “morning” as the first association, 16% “waking up”, 15% “smell” and 13.5% mention “Franck”.