Franck was among the first in Croatia with the high level of compliance to pass the assessment according to the requirements of the IFS Food Standard Version 7 (IFS Food V7)

At the beginning of June, Franck was among the first in Croatia to pass the assessment of compliance with the requirements of the IFS Food V7 and renew the certificate after meeting extremely demanding safety and product quality standards. By achieving the result of 98.67 percent, Franck reaffirmed that it is at a high level of compliance given that the new version of the standard includes extended requirements and stricter evaluation criteria.

This internationally accepted certificate of conformity of products with the requirements of the standard is a respectable confirmation of the achievement of a high level of quality and safety of products in the commercial sector. This standard is also a confirmation of Franck's investments in the modernization of production facilities and the achievement of better quality control systems.

By meeting the requirements related to a positive and strong food safety culture in the company, we have proven compliance with the new legislative framework at the EU level. This provides us with benefits in terms of increased productivity, customer satisfaction, reduced internal non-compliance and reduced costs caused by human error, which further strengthens confidence in the quality and safety of our products," said Zdenka Milinović Bujan, director of Food Safety and Quality Management at Franck.

The company continuously invests in its own production processes, which ensures that the strictest criteria for a high-quality and healthy product are met. Franck's strategic approach to quality management is also confirmed by certifications such as the Rainforest Alliance certificate, which is synonymous with environmental, economic and social sustainability, and the Kosher and Halal certifications, as well as the Croatian Quality label, which is displayed on many of Franck products. In the coming period, the company plans further investments in food safety and quality systems in its production facilities in Zagreb and other markets, including ISO 22000:2018, and in certifications according to ISO 14001:2015 for the environmental management system along with the existing ISO 50001 energy efficiency system.