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Instructions for the preparation of Franck filtered coffee

It is necessary to put the machine through a rinse cycle at the beginning of every working day in order to make the machine completely ready for the regular preparation of beverages. The coffee and the filter papers should be kept in a dry space.

  1. Turn on the machine and start the preparation of the beverage, leaving the paper filter and coffee in their container.
  2. When the preparation cycle is finished (the water has stopped pouring), start the preparation of the beverage on the other side following these steps:
    • 2.1. Insert a dry paper filter and 400 g of Franck filter coffee into the B10 (or 800 g into the B20). Make sure to check whether only one paper filter is inserted.
    • 2.2. Turn on the Bonomat and let a whole cycle of preparation finish.
  3. The preparation of the coffee on the first side can be initiated immediately after the water stops pouring. It is necessary to wait until the end of the cycle, for the coffee beans to become dry, in order to receive the standard quality beverage. Any interruption (before the water has completely passed through the coffee beans) will result in a beverage of inferior quality.

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