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Espresso ritual

The way one drinks one’s coffee, its size and the way one holds a cup and uses a spoon, those rituals were defined already in the 17th and the 18th century in the European royal courts. Coffee was drunk exclusively from porcelain cups that were slightly preheated so that the dark beverage would not get cold so quickly.

 Coffee shops, places where only coffee beverages were served, were opened all over Europe and were becoming increasingly popular. They were the meeting points where the intellectuals and well established persons of the time discussed daily events over a cup of coffee.

 Inspired by this precious beverage, an Englishwoman once said that tea time was at 5 o’clock, and coffee time was – always.

 Everybody has their own ritual of making coffee, as well as their favorite coffee, from espresso, cappuccino and even coffee-based frappes. However, the point of drinking coffee is not merely in drinking it, but in those small rituals that take place over a cup of coffee – talking to friends and retelling daily events, sharing information and, above all, meeting friends and laughing.

 Espresso is a magical beverage invented in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century. From the day one the beverage grew a cult of faithful fans. Therefore, a sophisticated ritual was developed to bring this dark beverage to perfection.

Moments of ultimate pleasure...

A short, quick espresso, the full aroma of which shakes you up… Pure pleasure! Rich cream and a well-rounded, strong flavor of select and most appreciated coffee have become a synonym for 10 minutes of simple, yet special pleasure. When you take a cup of Franck espresso, you feel that familiar scent melting in your nostrils… And you simply know that the time has come to leave your everyday worries behind you and give yourself up to – relaxed enjoyment of yet another cup.

 Exceptional coffee varieties are required for premium quality espresso, such as Franck espresso.

 The finest espressos were made out of several varieties of coffee. They give espresso a light hazelnut color, as well as a light and airy cream. Premium quality espresso is a mixture that reveals our mood and awakens the most beautiful associations. Various aromas are mixed in it at the same time – chocolate and caramel with notes of forest fruits. Top coffee connoisseurs will recognize in a cup of espresso the richness of the notes we recognize in a glass of the finest wine.

 Only 49 beans of the finest roasted coffee are needed for a cup of espresso. After grinding, the measuring device is used to measure an exact amount of coffee, which is  then placed into a clean espresso machine. Under high pressure, water runs through the coffee ‘pie’ and creates a unique flavor of aromatic scents and oils extracted from dry granules of espresso. The perfect Franck espresso is served in a porcelain cup so that you can enjoy the intense aroma longer.

 There are no two identically made espressos.

 Each espresso has its unique flavor. The mixture of coffee originating from different continents accounts for that. Therefore, we can say that in a single sip you can taste the coffee of the world.

 Taste one of 1,200 flavors of Franck espresso in a single sip.

 An ideal mixture of selected varieties of coffee provides fine notes and aromas of Franck espresso, and the way it is served will make the flavor of your espresso perfectly rounded.

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