Social responsibility

We are aware of the role and the responsibility that comes with being one of the main Croatian food companies. Consequently, by doing business in accordance with the principles of sustainability and responsibility, we are trying to ensure not only the long-term stability of our business, but also the well-being of the entire community.

Franck is a proud member of these organizations:

For us, investing in sustainability signifies a long-term commitment to reducing the negative effects of the industry on the environment, preserving natural resources, exercising a positive economic influence and improving the quality of life in our community. We try to instigate positive changes in the society and be a reliable partner to our employees, suppliers, business partners and general public.

One example of this approach is our concern about the quality of the raw materials and the sustainability of the entire chain of supply and demand. Hence, for example, for our chips we buy potatoes of guaranteed quality from local producers, our long-standing associates who farm over 260 hectares of land around Hercegovac, near Garešnica. Through our continuing cooperation with local partners, we ensure the top quality of raw materials and also support the local agricultural production.

Considering the fact that we must also secure a great deal of raw materials from outside Croatia, we are actively helping the realization of sustainable projects on an international level. That is to say, at the start of 2014 we became a full member of the International Coffee Partners (ICP), an initiative founded in 2001 by the five leading European coffee producers and distributors.

The aim of the ICP projects is to provide the small farmers in countries that export coffee with the knowledge and tools necessary to apply the principles of sustainability in farming, producing and processing coffee, while preserving biodiversity and natural resources. We are directly contributing to the ICP development projects, which cooperate with non-governmental organizations, development agencies, and local governments of the countries where the projects are being implemented. The initiative has so far reached 11 countries in Central and South America, Asia and Africa and about 27,000 small coffee farmers. The ultimate goal is to ensure greater independence and fairer profits for small farmers, and therefore a greater yield of high-quality coffee.

In addition, Franck is also taking part in an important ecological project called Coffee & Climate, whose aim is to provide support and training to small coffee farmers in order to confront as effectively as possible the challenges and consequences of climate changes that pose a serious threat to coffee crops.

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