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Franck - Intersnack partnership

Franck - Intersnack partnership

Adria Snack Company d.o.o. is a joint venture partnership between Franck, Croatia’s snack market leader, and Intersnack, Europe’s leading snack producer. The aim of the partnership is to implement a joint long-term strategy putting a strong focus on the development of business in the salty snack segment.

This partnership is the result of a mutual trust built over years of cooperation and exchange of experiences in production, including planned joint investments in the production capacities and production modernization in Croatia, strengthening of the competitiveness and further strong growth of business, development of new products and improvement of the snack product assortment, alongside a faster application of global trends and innovations. In addition to joint investments, the company’s strategy includes a joint, more effective marketing and sales appearance of the two partners in the Adria region.

This partnership is a logical next step in the implementation of a long-term strategy that features a strong focus on the development of salty snacks, necessary expansion of both partners’ snack brands, strong focus on innovations in product development and packaging materials, development of production capacities and the entire snack business, and, finally, taking the leading position in the snack markets of the Adria region.

In its portfolio, Adria Snack Company d.o.o. has the entire assortment of Franck snack products as well as Intersnack brands that the company plans to import into the markets of the region. Moreover, the company will also be responsible for the management of brand development.

This approach will provide the consumers with an extremely competitive selection of snacks, with all the rich tastes and textures of their favorite snacks that will now be available from Adria Snack Company d.o.o. That includes the well-known brands such as Čipi Čips, Croatia’s first chips, or Kroki Kroket and Tip Top, as well as diverse nuts. Behind these successful products, enjoyed by generations of our consumers, are decades of investments in production, and technological capacities as well as in the best-quality homegrown raw materials. The product assortment also includes Intersnack’s famous brands that the consumers are well familiar with, such as Chio and funny-frisch chips, as well as Pom-Bar and Kelly snacks.

Adria Snack Company d.o.o. is simply a new name for a team of well-known experts in snack business, offering the best from the rich and diverse world of top-quality snacks.

The official website of Adria Snack Company d.o.o. is currently under construction!

For the moment, our range of products can be viewed on this website, and you can learn more about our partner here:

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