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As the leading food company in the region, Franck bases its success on the highly competitive nature of its products, achieved by the continued effort to optimize and improve the process of production, follow market trends and key success factors, and satisfy the needs of the consumers. All this would be impossible without the help of content and motivated employees.

The region’s leading food company Franck bases its success on the highly competitive nature of its products, achieved through continued effort in improving and optimizing all the business processes, following market trends and key success factors, and continuous innovating, in order to meet the existing wishes and future needs of the consumers and exceed their expectations. All this is achieved by our hardworking and highly motivated employees, who represent the key element of our business success.

Excellence in managing human resources is the foundation of that employee contentment and motivation, and involves successfully tackling challenges in the area of planning and personnel selection, managing employee efficiency, and continued monitoring and advancing of their careers. Scrupulous attention is devoted to the search for and selection of personnel, whose potential, skills and expertise will contribute to the company's growth. We believe in every person’s ambition to become successful and actively support continued learning and development of skills and competences, in line with the requirements of business development. Managing individual development and effectiveness are the key factors of success in developing employees’ careers and driving the company’s progress – work and dedication are rewarded, and employees are expected to take on responsibilities and actively participate in the management of their professional growth and careers.

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